The Outdoor Deck Company New Product Launch | Innovative Class A1 Fire-Rated External Decking & Paving System – Reif DuraLink

The Outdoor Deck Company (ODC) has launched its new innovative fire-rated aluminium product range that complies with new UK Building regulations on fire safety.  We are excited to be first to market in the UK with a Class A1 fire-rated external decking and paving system that is precise, durable and fully adaptable.  The Reif DuraLink aluminium decking from ODC offers the perfect combination of strength, hardiness, durability and corrosion resistance and has a life cycle measured in decades.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Low density and therefore low weight
  • High strength
  • Superior design capability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good thermal qualities
  • Sustainable and easy to recycle
  • Low build up possibilities starting at 40mm

The Outdoor Deck Company can also supply Class A2 rated decking and external paving (porcelain and concrete pavers).



The Outdoor Deck team is 100% client focused with a commitment to provide a Specifier with not just a product that meets and exceeds the required specification, but technical and on-site support that ensures any installation is on spec, on time and on budget.