Our first GRAD decking installation completed

The Outdoor Deck Company were commissioned to refurbish the external terrace of a top floor apartment located on Nile Street, moments from Old Street, London.

The brand new GRAD invisible fixings clip system was supplied and installed by the Outdoor Deck Company, their first ever GRAD installation in the UK.

The unique clip and groove design at the heart of the GRAD system means that decks can be installed about 30% faster than competing products.

The GRAD system can be retrofitted onto existing timber joists, installed from scratch on top of a new timber sub-frame, or mounted onto the bespoke rail system – where finished build-ups as low as 50mm are possible.

Designed and manufactured in France, Grad have been refining and improving their invisible fixings system since 1988. As the exclusive importers, we are now confident that the GRAD technology offers the very best combination of speed, strength, flexibility, accuracy, durability and economy that you will find in any decking or cladding product across the UK.


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