Buzon ALUrail System

The Buzon ALUrail system for outdoor raised floors allows for a simple and cost effective solution for all external terrace applications.

The system can be used for various substrates, 20mm porcelain, concrete and natural stone pavers. Practical and functional, the ALUrail system can be used where the void is limited. The system, including the Buzon Pedestal range starts at 29mm.

The ALUrail is an ideal addition where tight datum’s are required, cantilevering or spanning awkward areas or equipment (i.e.: ducting, air conditioning trays and pipes, power ducting, cable trays etc).

The Buzon ALUrail system has been designed to cater for variable length deck boards (any length) with the same width.

The ALUrail comes in 2 heights; 18mm and 38mm, a width of 65mm, and lengths of 2400mm.
Either side of the ALUrail are 2 rubber pads for the deck boards to sit on, offering a noise dampening feature. In between the rubber pads is a continuous recessed gap for the 3mm spacer tab to lock into, providing drainage between deck boards.

The ALUrail is powder coated in black, therefore not noticeable between the deck boards. (Silver rails are noticeable). This, combined with the Buzon pedestals, rubber pads and spacer tab, will prove to be a ‘hidden’ system.

ALUrail System

ALUrail system – 245 Hammersmith, London

ALUrail system – 245 Hammersmith, London

ALUrail system – 245 Hammersmith, London

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