Grad is an ‘invisible fixing’ clip based system, for the rapid installation of vertical cladding and decks.

The unique clip and groove design at the heart of the Grad system means that cladding can be installed about 30% faster than competing products.

The Grad concept offers a choice of ‘clip ready’ timber or composite boards as part of the system – or we can machine most hardwoods to take advantage of the unique rapid fixing advantages this product offers.

Designed and manufactured in France, Grad have been refining and improving their invisible fixings system since 1988. As the exclusive importers, we are now confident that the Grad technology offers the very best combination of speed, strength, flexibility, accuracy, durability and economy that you will find in any cladding or decking product across the UK.

Grad cladding system

Thermory Thermoash on the Disney Store

Thermory Thermoash on the Disney Store

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For Grad technical data sheets and further information please visit the: