Decking – Softwood

Softwood derives from slow-growing trees; most commonly pine, however this could also be fir, larch or spruce. The trees that produce softwoods are recognisable by the fact that they do not shed their leaves during the cooler months of the year.

The timber used typically derives from the trunk of the tree, allowing it to be easily supplied in long lengths; ideal for use as hand rails and decking boards.

Outdoor Deck Company supply and install the following softwood:

The Outdoor Deck Company is the sole importer of the DuraPine® range of Grade 1 Southern Yellow pine DSS (dense select structural). DuraPine® timbers are pressure-treated to 98% penetration levels, the highest available in the pine sector.

All timbers are kiln-dried before and, more importantly, after treatment. This stabilises the timbers, and reduces shrinkage, warping and twisting. DuraPine® is warranted against rot and insect decay for a minimum of 40 years, even in conditions with direct and permanent water and / or ground contact.

All subframe fixings, boltsets, hangers and plates are triple hot dip galvanised and / or marine grade 316 stainless steel. All deck fixings are square-drive, marine grade 316 stainless steel.
DuraPine® is honey-coloured, with a distinct grain and soft appearance which, left untreated, will turn to a light silver.


Outdoor Deck Company projects using Durapine:

European Redwood

European Redwood is largely imported from a number of European countries including Scandinavia and Russia for joinery purposes. The imported wood is preferred for its slow growth. It is classed as a medium movement timber and rated as class 4 – slightly durable.

Outdoor Deck Company projects using European Redwood:

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