Decking - Hardwood

Duradeck hardwood timber is ideal for a wide variety of timber structures, especially decking.

Duradeck structures are strong and naturally resistant to rot, abrasion and weather and can be custom manufactured to dimensions and to project requirements.

The following hardwoods are available: Ipe, Cumaru, Massaranduba, Iroko, Teak and Yellow Balau.


Common names – Ipe, Brazilian Walnut, Lapacho

Colour/appearance – heartwood can vary in colour from reddish brown, to a more yellowish olive brown or darker/blackish brown; sometimes with contrasting darker brown/black stripes. In certain species, there are powdery yellow deposits within the wood. Ipe can be difficult to distinguish visually from Cumaru, another dense South American timber, though Ipe tends to be darker, and lacks the subtle yet characteristic vanilla/cinnamon scent while being worked.

Ipe is a wood of extremes: extremely dense and durable, as well as extremely strong. Its incredible hardness and strength make it well suited for decking and other external applications though it is referred to as `Brazilian Walnut`.


Common names – Cumaru, Brazilian Teak

Colour/appearance – heartwood tends to be a medium to dark brown, sometimes with a reddish or purplish hue; some pieces may have streaks of yellowish or greenish brown.

Most commonly called Cumaru, though it is sometimes referred to as Brazilian Teak. Cumaru is also called by the name Tonka Bean, and the tree is commonly cultivated for its vanilla-cinnamon scented seed – the tonka bean – which contains a chemical compound called coumarin. Cumaru decking is extremely stiff, strong and hard, lending itself well to a variety of external applications. It is sometimes used in place of Ipe.


Common names – Massaranduba, Bulletwood

Colour/appearance – heartwood is a medium to dark reddish brown. Colour tends to darken with age. Pale yellow sapwood is clearly differentiated from the heartwood, though not always sharply demarcated.

Massaranduba is an incredibly strong, dense wood which has good durability in exterior applications, however, it does have a tendency to excessive movement in service.


Common names – Iroko

Colour/appearance – Heartwood is usually yellow to golden or medium brown, with colour tending to darken over time. Pale yellow sapwood is clearly demarcated from the heartwood.

Iroko is stable, durable and has an overall look that somewhat resembles teak. Given the high prices of genuine Teak, Iroko could be considered a low-cost alternative.


Common names – Teak, Burmese Teak

Colour/appearance – Heartwood tends to be a golden or medium brown, with colour darkening with age.

Sometimes called Burmese Teak, this name is used to differentiate natural-grown trees (typically from Myanmar, ask Burma) from Teak grown on plantations. Used extensively in India and within its natural range for centuries, Teak has grown into a worldwide favourite. With its superb stability, good strength properties, easy workability – and most of all, its outstanding resistance to decay and rot – it’s no wonder that Teak ranks among the most desired lumbers in the world.


Common names – Yellow Balau

Colour/appearance – Colour can be highly variable depending upon the species: ranging from a pale straw colour, to a darker reddish brown.

Yellow Balau is sometimes referred to as `Lauan`, wood in the Shorea genus is very commonly used in southeast Asia, and there is an abundance of variety between the different species; each with different working properties, appearances and mechanical strength values.

Sometimes referred to as Meranti, however there are definite quality grades to consider. As a deckboard, Balau has a tendency to move in service more than other species, and the expansion/contraction rate is above the norm.

Outdoor Deck Company projects using Duradeck:

Star & Garter, London (Balau)

Batteresa Power Station, London (Cumaru)

For technical data sheets and further information on all Outdoor Deck Company decking products please visit the:

For technical data sheets and further information on all Outdoor Deck Company decking products please visit the: