Accoya Grey 10

Key Features

Coloured through to the core, the grey colour will not flake or wear off. This makes it long lasting and low maintenance, without the need for coatings or further treatments, saving time and money in the long run. Like all Accoya products, Accoya Grey is non-toxic and one of the few building products to be Cradle to Cradle® certified Gold for its circular economy benefits.

Highly Durable
Highly Stable
Sustainably Sourced
50-year Warranty

Finishes Options

All Finishes

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Accoya Grey Rhomboid Hidden-fix Cladding
Accoya Grey Square Hidden-fix Cladding
Accoya Grey 120 Hidden-fix Cladding
Bamboo X-treme Woca Hidden-fix Decking
Bamboo N-durance Hidden-fix Decking
Bamboo X-treme 45 Hidden-fix Cladding
Bamboo X-treme 64 Hidden-fix Cladding
Bamboo X-treme 120 Hidden-fix Cladding
Bamboo X-treme Variclad
Bamboo X-Treme Bespoke
Ipe Hidden-fix Decking
Ipe Bespoke
Kebony Hidden-fix Decking
Kebony Bespoke
Thermo Ash Hidden-fix Decking
Accoya Grey Hidden-fix Decking
Thermo Ash Bespoke
Accoya Grey Bespoke
Thermo Ash Rhomboid Hidden-fix Cladding
Thermo Ash Square Hidden-fix Cladding
Thermo Ash 120 Hidden-fix Cladding
Thermo Pine Hidden-fix Decking
Thermo Iroko Hidden-fix Decking
Thermo Iroko Hidden-fix Cladding
Silver FR Hidden-fix Decking
Thermo Pine Rhomboid Hidden-fix Cladding
Thermo Pine Square Hidden-fix Cladding
Thermo Pine Bespoke
Bali Zerodeck
Cayman Zerodeck
Monaco Zerodeck
Bora Silvadec
Ren Silvadec
Ipe Silvadec
Ursula Silvadec
Cayenne Silvadec
Cumaru Bespoke

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Product Insights

Accoya wood is made from fast growing and sustainable radiata pine. The original timber undergoes a process of acetylation which prevents the cells in the wood from being able to absorb water. The result is durable and stable timber with hardwood properties.  Ideal for decking and cladding, this highly sustainable product is one of the few building products to be Cradle to Cradle® certified Gold for its circular economy benefits.

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