Key Features

Cumaru naturally boasts exceptional flexural strength and durability making it an ideal choice for various external applications, including marine environments.  

Highly Durable
Exceptional Density
30 Year Warranty
FSC Certified Products Available
Rot and Termite Resistance

Finishes Options

All Finishes

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Accoya Grey Rhomboid Hidden-fix Cladding
Accoya Grey Square Hidden-fix Cladding
Accoya Grey 120 Hidden-fix Cladding
Bamboo X-treme Woca Hidden-fix Decking
Bamboo N-durance Hidden-fix Decking
Bamboo X-treme 45 Hidden-fix Cladding
Bamboo X-treme 64 Hidden-fix Cladding
Bamboo X-treme 120 Hidden-fix Cladding
Bamboo X-treme Variclad
Bamboo X-Treme Bespoke
Ipe Hidden-fix Decking
Ipe Bespoke
Kebony Hidden-fix Decking
Kebony Bespoke
Thermo Ash Hidden-fix Decking
Accoya Grey Hidden-fix Decking
Thermo Ash Bespoke
Accoya Grey Bespoke
Thermo Ash Rhomboid Hidden-fix Cladding
Thermo Ash Square Hidden-fix Cladding
Thermo Ash 120 Hidden-fix Cladding
Thermo Pine Hidden-fix Decking
Thermo Iroko Hidden-fix Decking
Thermo Iroko Hidden-fix Cladding
Silver FR Hidden-fix Decking
Thermo Pine Rhomboid Hidden-fix Cladding
Thermo Pine Square Hidden-fix Cladding
Thermo Pine Bespoke
Bali Zerodeck
Cayman Zerodeck
Monaco Zerodeck
Bora Silvadec
Ren Silvadec
Ipe Silvadec
Ursula Silvadec
Cayenne Silvadec
Cumaru Bespoke

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Looking for more? Why not take a look at some of the other systems on offer with The Outdoor Deck Company.  From fire-rated systems engineered to meet the latest industry regulations, to bespoke decking, custom-designed to meet your project requirements, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the other systems people frequently search for:

Your Decking, Your Way

Renowned for its outstanding flexural strength and durability, Cumaru naturally withstands external challenges while maintaining its striking appearance. With extreme stability, high density, and resistance to rot and pests due to its natural oil content, Cumaru ensures long-lasting beauty.


Elevate your outdoor spaces with Cumaru, also known as Tonka Bean wood, celebrated for its delightful vanilla-cinnamon scent derived from its tonka beans. Beyond its aromatic charm, Cumaru showcases unique visual dimensions, featuring streaks of yellowish or greenish brown.

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