Key Features

Using Grad’s unique clip system, Variclad ensures a perfect finish every time. Variclad can be fitted horizontally or vertically, on ceilings, overhangs, and external or internal walls, or any other flat surface. Other features include:

Quick And Easy Installation
Perfect Alignment
No Visible Fixings
Rail Supplied With Pre-mounted Clips
Recycled & Recyclable Components
Made In Europe

Finish Options

The Variclad system is compatible with three different sizes of Bamboo boards: 45mm, 64mm and 120mm.  Clipped on the same rail, for easy installation, it's possible to create different looks according to the board positions, whether starting points are aligned or staggered.

Bamboo X-treme Variclad

Thermo-treated Bamboo
Warranty Class B Fire-rated Profile Flat Profile Knots 25-year Warranty Finish H21xW45/64/120xL1850mm

Support Your Cladding

Engineered to speed up installation, Variclad uses the Grad rail system, with pre-mounted clips to ensure perfect spacing and alignment between your boards. The precise positioning ensures seamless compatibility and are arranged to provide the unique variable patterns Variclad offers.


Variclad boards can be fitted vertically or horizontally and can be installed on ceilings and overhangs as well as external or internal walls.

Technical Resources

NBS Source


The Grad system of rails, clips and pedestals requires no maintenance. For more information regarding maintaining your chosen finish, please refer to the Timber Maintenance Guide.


For more guidance on installation best practices, check out the resources below. Still have questions? Contact one of our experts today! 


Can I have a different finish to those that you offer as standard? 

Depending on minimum order quantities, Grad is infinitely customizable.  Boards of different dimensions can be accommodated on custom rails, including mixed dimensions on the same rail.  We can also source different timber species and are happy to advise if they are suitable for the purpose required. 


Is the system fire-rated? 

No, the system does not have a fire-rating, although Bamboo has a Class B fire-rating.


Where is Grad made? 

The Grad system of rails, clips and pedestals is made in Europe.  We source our timber from a variety of suppliers in the UK and Europe. 

Your Next Steps

Looking for more? Why not take a look at some of the other systems on offer with The Outdoor Deck Company.  From fire-rated systems engineered to meet the latest industry regulations, to bespoke decking, custom-designed to meet your project requirements, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the other systems people frequently search for:

Variable Cladding For Dynamic Patterns

Create exceptional outdoor spaces with Variclad, the dynamic system that allows for a unique finish. Using variable sized boards, the system provides a visually stunning finish that is easy to install and maintain.
Using the Grad rail system, installation is seamless, with pre-fixed clips measured to ensure perfect alignment between each board to effortlessly achieve the renowned Variclad pattern.
What’s more, the hidden-fix system resists up to 300 Kgs of uplift, whilst still allowing for easy board removal, when necessary, without damaging the boards.
Comprised of rails, clips and boards, Grad’s durable aluminium rails guarantee a quality finish with a system which is designed for both horizontal and vertical applications.
Variclad’s finishes are also backed by generous warranties and are sustainable by design, helping you plan for the future.
The clips are made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials, meanwhile the aluminium rails are endlessly recyclable and for added green credentials, FSC Certified timbers are also available. Create exceptional outdoor spaces with Variclad and install one-of-a-kind cladding that lasts a lifetime.

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