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Key Features

Zerodeck is designed for balconies and other external spaces requiring a fire-safe flooring product. Fully adjustable and fire-rated, the system combines the A-PED System and Zerodeck’s boards and accessories. Achieve a quality timber-alternative finish without compromising on safety: 
Handles Like Timber
Class A Fire-Rated
Resistant To Scratches, Stains & Fading
Clip-Fix or Surface-Mount
Slip Resistant
Low Maintenance
Zero Wind Uplift

Finish Options

For too long timber alternatives have been limited and have not always provided the right aesthetic or quality of user experience. Zerodeck changes all of that, giving you and your clients a beautiful finish that can be used in any setting, including those that require maximum fire safety.

Bali Zerodeck

Warranty Class A Fire-rated Profile Flat Profile Knots 25-year Warranty Finish H25xW150xL2440mm

Cayman Zerodeck

Warranty Class A Fire-rated Profile Flat Profile Knots 25-year Warranty Finish H25xW150xL2440mm

Monaco Zerodeck

Warranty Class A Fire-rated Profile Flat Profile Knots 25-year Warranty Finish H25xW150xL2440mm

The Zerodeck System

Zerodeck’s fully non-combustible decking system combines the A-PED pedestal and joist system with Zerodeck’s own deckboards and accessories. The patented pedestals are innovatively designed with millimetre-precise slope correction functionality built into the pedestal base, making installation on falls simple.  The pedestal’s large load spreading base plates are also engineered to work synchronously with new or existing membranes or waterproofing ensuring they are not compromised.  When combined with specific build-ups, the system is also suitable for BROOF(T4) applications.

Technical Resources

NBS Source



For more information on maintaining ZERODECK decking, please refer to our maintenance guide:


For more guidance on installation best practices, check out the resources below. Still have questions? Contact one of our experts today! 


What type of ground can I install on? 

A hard standing is required for all installations, unless you are installing onto an appropriate in-ground timber frame.        


Is the system fire-rated? 

The whole system, including pedestals, joists and boards, is Class A fire-rated, and with specific build-ups can be used in situations where BROOF(t4) is required. 

Your Next Steps

Looking for more? Why not take a look at some of the other systems on offer with The Outdoor Deck Company.  From fire-rated systems engineered to meet the latest industry regulations, to bespoke decking, custom-designed to meet your project requirements, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the other systems people frequently search for:

Unrivalled Fire Rated Decking

Paving the way for a safe built environment, Zerodeck has been engineered to provide Class A fire-rated solutions for external flooring projects. The mineral composite material used in Zerodeck is fully non-combustible, providing an alternative to timber whilst maintaining a similar look and feel.  


Slip-resistant and splinter-free the Zerodeck system is not only a safe option but is comfortable underfoot, requiring minimal maintenance post-installation. 


Fire-safe solutions shouldn’t restrict creativity, that’s why Zerodeck comes in coloured, pre-grooved boards, which can be easily clip-fixed to joists or even surface mounted like traditional decking.  

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